Piano: Gregory Schram

Bass: Swen Hendricksen

Drums: Jake Barczak

Percussion: Jamie Haddad


On the Lam

Composed by: Gregory Schram

“On the Lam” was originally a composition assignment to compose a melody rooted in traditional bebop. While the melody has the quick-paced feel of a 50s horn piece, the instrumental textures and use of quick-changing time signatures is firmly post-bop.

Build That Wall

Composed by: Darren Korb

Arranged by: Gregory Schram

“Build that Wall” comes from Bastion, a video game set in a surreal, watercolor world and guided by a narrator with a deep, southern drawl. In its original form, this song is a simple blues for guitar and female voice. I’ve chosen to give it a smoother, more modern jazz feeling while still striving for the simplicity of an old blues and the breathy delicateness its female vocalist lent.

Click here to listen to the original “Build That Wall” by Darren Korb.

Virgin Daquiri

Composed by: Gregory Schram

A foray into bossa nova. Guest percussionist Jamey Hadded lent this piece an especially exotic feel by playing the djembe drum not with hands, but with a pair of brooms.

Take Money (Gimme Five)

Contributing composers: Dave Brubeck, Pink Floyd

Arranged and mashed by: Gregory Schram

Mashups - taking two songs and melding them together - has been a hobby of mine for several years now. Mashups are popular within the DJ community, and are usually done through computers.

Opposite key centers and a lack of isolated instruments made a mess of my first attempt combining “Take Five” by Dave Brubeck and “Money” by Pink Floyd. I took liberties translating Pink Floyd’s samples of cash registers into the drum kit and percussion and nixed the electric guitar, bringing it more into the realm of Dave Brubeck. Conversely, the Brubeck portion changed to be more aptly titled “Take 7”. Ultimately, “Take Money (Gimme Five)” is not just a mashup, but a convergence of two iconic yet distinct songs.

Click to listen to “Take Five” by Dave Brubeck and “Money” by Pink Floyd.

The Standard

Composed by: Gregory Schram

The Standard is an imitation piece unapologetically playing off the style of Cole Porter. I’ve always intended for the song to have lyrics but the absence of satisfactory verse, not to mention a vocalist, means that this is a purely instrumental tune… for now.

Oakland Rush

Composed by: Yoko Kanno

Arranged by: Gregory Schram

This song is an arrangement of Yoko Kanno’s “Rush”, often called “New York Rush”. The song was composed for the anime TV show Cowboy Bebop, a sci-fi western with a hard-hitting jazz soundtrack. “Rush” was originally a fast-paced bebop tune, but this arrangement mellowed out into an old school funk tune -- hence the retitle.

Click here to listen to the original “Rush” by Yoko Kanno, and sparser variation “N.Y. Rush

Second Scotch

Composed by Gregory Schram

He Lives In You

Composed by:  Lebo M, Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin

Arranged by: Gregory Schram

This song is well familiar to anybody who has seen the Broadway performance of The Lion King, though it might be less recognizable in this arrangement. In crafting this arrangement I made a strong effort to preserve the main vocal elements from the original, spread across the different instruments through harmony or pure rhythm.

Click here to listen to the original “He Lives In You” by Lebo M.