Looney Toons on Broadway

Looney Toons on Broadway

Creative lead

Following Gravity, Warner Bros. talked with Bot & Dolly about putting Looney Toons on Broadway. Using robotics, advanced projection mapping, and practical effects, the goal would be to liberate a theater from the boundaries of real-world physics and turn it, for two glorious hours, into a cartoon.

As creative lead, my job was to create a framework for the show and a set of rules about how and when reality bends. Ten final gags acted as representatives for how we could transform a traditional theater into an ACME playground. Nothing was off-limits: seats, ceiling, rafters, lobby, even the bathroom all got the works. From ushers with ticket-munchers to a piano "thrown" through the wall, nothing was safe. 

After receiving four WB executives for a tech demo at our studio in San Francisco, Looney Toons on Broadway was given the green light to begin prototyping. The project was suspended upon Bot & Dolly's acquisition by Google.



Art by Cale Ajioka