Deadmau5 MegaTour

Deadmau5 MegaTour

Creative Co-Lead (+GMUNK)

Twenty industrial robots, minimum. Deadmau5 knew he wanted them, he just didn't know how. Working alongside visual phenom Bradley "GMUNK" Munkowitz, we designed a show with both narrative and unprecedented spectacle. From a self-disassembling stage to a motion capture controlled imposter-bot, the scale of this show was to be insane.

Over the following months, we worked closely with Deadmau5's Creative Director Martin Phillips (creator of the Daft Punk "Alive" tour).

A sizzle reel was created to show potential major investors. It produced over $14M.

Unfortunately, once it became clear this project had legs, Bot & Dolly's involvement was abruptly severed by Google following the acquisition.



Art by Cale Ajioka


Promo Campaign

Promo Campaign

The tour's promotional material was going to be a series of marketing videos  done by the in-story parent company about their military robots turned domestic helpers. We prototyped and scripted a series of spots that captured Deadmau5's characteristic combination of dark humor, industrial aesthetics, and utter absurdity.