What's his deal, anyway?

Based in San Francisco, Gregory Schram is a freelance ACD and creative.  A passionate copywriter and character designer, Gregory has a deep intuition for finding the deeper intent behind each brief. This approach has earned him a strong reputation for getting scripts approved in record time, and custodianship over  top-tier movie, music, and video game properties.

Comfortable across styles, from technical copy to creative scripts, from genre-savvy comedy to heart-melting sincerity, Greg is an adaptable writer well-suited for any project that isn't cross-fit.


Gregory is a graduate of Oberlin College, with a B.A. in Law & Society, and of Oberlin Conservatory of Music, with a B.M. in Jazz Piano Performance.

His experience includes writing and directing a half dozen circus, cabaret, and burlesque shows, a grant to study privately at Second City in Chicago, writing and voice-acting for a satirical noir live radio show, and countless  explorations in verbal, written, and physical comedy.

In the past year, Gregory has completed 229 crossword puzzles, 64 games of Scrabble, and over 300 rounds of Boggle. Seriously.